Friday, June 12, 2009

Road Trip 2009: Day Two - Part 1

The day started off as kind of a bummer, as you read earlier. The showers were rolling in, and our dreams of riding Maverick and Millenium Force at Cedar Point were dashed. Instead, we decided to hit the road and move our plans up a day.

In the car, we made our way slowly to Chicago through the inclement weather, searching for something to do today. The minigolf course under the mortuary was booked, the homemade X-Wing Fighter was already behind us, and the oldest Planetarium in the country would be closing before we got there. What were three crazy kids on the road supposed to do?

Well, we did what we do best: we utilized our technology. From the front seat, Arp and Kat used our built in GPS to search for things to do in Chicago while I used Arp's smartphone and my cell phone to research possible tickets to a Chicago Cubs game tomorrow. Within an hour, we not only had our next desination (the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago), but also tickets to the Cubs game tomorrow vs the Twins. Thanks technology!

We arrived in Chicago and parked in time for the sun to briefly appear. It was chilly, with the wind whipping off of Lake Michigan, but much nicer than it had been this morning. We made our way to the fountain, and arrived only a few minutes later. There it was! The fountain from the opening of the television show, "Married with Children." That's right. Kat and Arp had brought us to the fountain featured in the opening credits of a long dead tv series.

And it was awesome!

I'll have to elaborate more tonight, as we're actually running out of the hotel now to get to the Cubs game. It's at 1:20, and we're taking public transit to get to the stadium.

Check back tonight for the rest of Thursday's journey, and hopefully today as well.

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